Piano Removals in Penketh

At Crown Removals, we provide piano removals in Penketh and other local areas.


When you’re trying to find a trusted team in Penketh to deal with your piano removals, good companies can be hard to come by. You need to know that the team you are investing in can provide a high-quality service with the correct equipment to deal with the removal process and also look after any safety issues. At Crown Removals, whatever your requirements are, we can work with you to ensure that we provide the best piano removal in Penketh that you can imagine. Furthermore, as well as piano removals, we also provide fully comprehensive home and business removals. 

No matter the size of the property, we can make sure that our trusted team will take the ultimate care with your prized piano and other treasured belongings. Throughout the years, our expert team have worked to transfer pianos and other prized possessions to their new location, wherever that may be. Thanks to having the best removal equipment in the industry, our team can protect your piano with our suitable secure storage facility which helps stop potential damage.


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High-Quality and Professional Piano Removals in Penketh

Here at Crown Removals, we can provide an expert piano removals service in Penketh. Whether it’s a domestic property or business property, we’re able to take full control of the piano removal service and safely take it to its next location. Throughout our time, here are the different pianos we’ve removed:

  • Upright Pianos.
  • Baby Grand Pianos.
  • Electrical Pianos.

Pianos also come in a diverse range of brands and styles. Below, here are the different brands that we deal with in our piano removal service:

  • Steinway Pianos.
  • Baldwin Pianos.
  • Yamaha Pianos.
  • Kawai Pianos.
  • Suzuki Pianos.
piano removals for Penketh homes and businesses

At Crown Removals, we make sure that our services can handle any piano removal in Penketh. Therefore, no matter what your brand or size of piano may be, we can safely move and place it with care on to our vehicle. We take just as much care offloading the piano and keeping it in impeccable shape.

Can Crown Removals Provide Grand Piano Removals in Penketh?

Even though we do provide piano removals for a diverse range of pianos, it’s rare that we would be able to move grand pianos. As they are so heavy and difficult to maneuver, they often require internal work in your property to be changed in order to move them out. However, we can move the majority of baby grand pianos from your property, as they are a lot more manageable.

It’s worth getting in touch with us still if you are looking for a grand piano removal. With our expert industry-knowledge and connections, we may be able to help you in the right direction or recommend a local company that can provide an outstanding service for you.

For specialist or general Office & House removals in Warrington and the surrounding areas, contact us today!

Trusted Piano Removals in Penketh for Domestic & Business Properties

It doesn’t matter if you are wanting piano removals in Penketh from domestic or business properties. We can happily remove and piano from your business or home apart from grand pianos due to their extreme size. If you’re looking for a piano removal service in your local area to move baby grand pianos, electrical pianos or upright pianos, call us today to find out more.

We don’t just stop at pianos either. If have other valuable musical instruments that you need removing from your home safely and and taking to a new location,  then we’re waiting to hear from you.

Industry-Leading Piano Removals, Transportation and Storage in Penketh

After we have picked up your piano, our work doesn’t stop here. We also offer outstanding services in ensuring that your prized piano is securely transferred to its new destination. After we have arrived at the new property, we can properly re-position the piano to its new space in a professional and secure manner.

Furthermore, if you’re refurbishing your property and need a facility storage to store your piano in for the time being, then we also offer this handy service. There’s no need to threat over the security of it either as 24-hour security is ensured. If you would rather store it in an independent location of your choice, we can also deliver it to your specific location.

For Experienced Piano Removals in Penketh, Contact Crown Removals Now

At Crown Removals, we have an industry-leading team waiting to help you with your piano removal. Whatever your type of piano, apart from grand pianos, we can help securely collect it and transfer it to your new location.

If you require further details on our outstanding removal services, call us today at Crown Removals. If you wish to talk to one our customer-care team members today, call us on 01925 899 989. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via our contact form or email us at info@crownremovals.com and we’ll reply to your queries as soon as we can.