Piano Removals in Birchwood

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Here at Crown Removals, we’re your trusted and experienced piano removal company that you can depend on. Whether you need a piano removing from your home or business, we’re only a phone call away. Our experienced team have the best, industry-leading equipment to safely remove and deposit your treasured piano to the destination of your choice. We’re able to remove and transfer various types of pianos so give us a call today! 

There’s never a ”one size fits all” when it comes to removing pianos. This is due to the sheer difference and diverse range of pianos that we deal with such as electric pianos, baby grand pianos and upright pianos. That’s why we have range of vehicles to deal with all these different types of pianos which helps to secure them professionally. 


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Piano Removals in Birchwood You Can Rely On

Throughout the years, we’ve worked with domestic and commercial customers in helping them remove all sorts of pianos from their properties. Whether you’re moving property and need help with heavy handling or you’re just looking to get rid of an older piano that you no longer need, we’re here to help. The pianos we can remove include:

  • Baby Grand Pianos.
  • Upright Pianos.
  • Electric Pianos.

If you try to remove your piano by yourself, you could end up sustaining painful injuries that could potentially leave you off work for a weeks. You could also damage your property when removing it. That’s why we highly recommend you leaving it to our professionals to take away the strain and stress of removal.

For specialist or general Office & House removals in Warrington and the surrounding areas, contact us today! Once we deposit your piano in our vehicles, we will ensure that it’s secure and fully protected so no damage is sustained along the way. You can trust our expert team to take delicate care of your piano and transfer it at your requested destination in pristine condition.

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Can Our Team Transport Grand Pianos in Birchwood?

Although we can deal with the various different shapes and sizes of pianos, we hardly ever remove grand pianos. This is due to the sheer size and difficulty of maneuvering them out of your property. However, we are able to safely remove baby grand pianos.

We’ll only be able to remove grand pianos in exceptional circumstances. This is due to the infrastructure of your property having to be reshaped or rethought as the grand pianos would struggle to fit through doorways and and past walls without damage. If you’re looking for a professional grand piano removal company in Birchwood, we suggest you give us a ring anyway and we can try our best to put you in contact with our other connections that can help you.

Expert Piano Removals in Birchwood for Businesses and Homes

Whether you want to create more space in your property or need help removing and transferring a heavy piano to a new property, we’ve got you covered. If you have a baby grand piano, an upright piano or an electric piano, give our team a call today and we can arrange a pick up time. We will fully assess the situation prior to arrival and work with you to put the best, practical plan in place. This will save time and hassle on the day and create a much smoother service for you.

Piano Removals, Transport and Temporary Storage in Birchwood

After the removal of your piano, we’re then able to offer a variety of services for the next step. A popular service of ours that many customers request is to transfer and deposit the piano at a new property, whether that being a new business property or home. Our team can professionally unload the piano and place it in a suitable storage space before leaving.

Futhermore, sometimes our customers request to use our very own secured storage facility. This is ideal if you don’t have a new property to move to yet but you want to get ahead of the game and start moving things our prior to moving. Our storage facility has 24-hour security so you won’t have anything to worry about.

For Piano Removals in Birchwood, Call Crown Removals’ Experienced Team Today

At Crown Removals, we’re proud of the local service we offer. For years, we’ve been the experts you can rely on for piano removal in Birchwood and the surrounding areas. We can remove most types of pianos!

If you require further information or you have any queries that need answering, our team are happy to help you. You can call us today on 01925 899 989. Alternatively, you can use our simple online contact form and send us your questions or request a FREE quote. We can’t wait to here from you!